︎ Lean In is a relational, multi-sensory performance experience. Lean In explores notions of porosity, absorption and re-imagination through practices of movement, listening and care. Through practices of slowness and attention choreography and sound become interlinked, entangled in the same processes, spaces and movements by using sound as vibrational material.

The performers move through an open-form score and objects connected to restoration and care of the body: infrared heat lamps, termic blankets, and phonation tubes placed in containers of water. In exploring collective rituals and cycles of transformation connected to these objects and their sonic and bodily potentials.

Concept, choreography, stage design, costume: Alica Tserkovnaja & Feronia Wennborg
Music composition: Feronia Wennborg
Lighting consultant and technical assistant: Björn Eriksson
Production support: SITE Sweden, Helge Ax:son Johnson Stiftelse & Stiftelsen Längmanska Kulturfonden
Residency support: DansPlats Skog
Photos: Anton Fröhling