︎Moscow Mule (2019) - Galleri Femtopia

An escapist journey into the wild and surreal world of The Donkey King ︎

by Alica Tserkovnaja & Gloria Hao

with Diane Assiri, Siri Lundh & Jakob Olausson

A BAROQUE PERFORMANCE NIGHT with installations of sculptures, a folklore musical & a sound piece under puffy duvets.

A 12-hour immersive performance playing with the absurd and the exaggerated, expressions of the self with thematic and aesthetics drawn from to the Baroque era and Greek mythology.

Inspired by Chinese wedding banquets and Russian balls, the audience was invited to actively, or by observation, experience performative rituals which addressed frivolity, instincts and animalistic desires - embodying both ruinous and jovial aspects of individual and collective existence.