premiering @ Stockholm Fringe Festival the 27th of August 2024 & the artistic process written about and published in Bastard Blog.


The Swedish word UNDER can be read as the opposite of above. 
A position beneath: u
nder water, the sub-conscious, also meaning: meanwhile, as time is passing by.
It can also be understood as a wonder, something magical, divine, supernatural.

UNDER is constructed through a collage of scenes characterized by a fractured and surrealistic dramaturgy. Inspired by the intimate acts of oral transmission and reading aloud, it serves as a ritualistic exploration of closeness and fleeting relationships.

The choreography unfolds at a slow and deliberate pace reflecting a state of staying with the now. The setting of the piece is a fluid underworld, existing at the intersection of water and air, forming a vast cosmos where time appears to have collapsed.


Concept and Choreography: Alica Tserkovnaja
Light Design: Ivan Wahren
Dancers/actors/performers: Bianca Cruzeiro, Lilja Fredrikson
Costume Design: Erik Annerborn
Sounddesign and music composition: Feronia Wennborg
Text: Anna Nygren, Alica Tserkovnaja
Dramaturg: Ida Mirow
XR/AR Animation: Yuvia Maini
Photos by Jan Francisco Anduaga

This project is currently in development, supported with and by residencies from Hallen c/o Fylkingen (2023) , Hedlandet Residens (2023), SITE (2023), Potato Potato Scenkonst Malmö (2022) and SFilm utvecklingsstipendium (2022).
If you are a potential collaborator, scene contributor, or producer interested in participating in the development of this work, please do not hesitate to reach out